Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How To Know You're Ready To Date After A Divorce

One of the things virtually every client going through a divorce tells me is they can't imagine dating. They're not ready to even think about dating. It's not on their radar. It's the last thing on their minds. This thinking often continues post-divorce.
I know you're hurt, you're uncertain, and the marriage has been a bad experience in one way or another. Maybe it's been a terrible experience. The thing is, you once made the decision to marry which tells me you're most likely a couples kind of person. You like being in a relationship. You like being close. I'm in no way suggesting you must date, get in another intimate relationship or get married. I'm simply suggesting you entertain the possibility of dating.
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  1. Great to see a blog focused on post divorce. Articles like this are fantastic help - Family Law Portal

  2. It took me along time to date after my divorce and then when I did it was a series of disasters.So I wrote about them. That was my therapy.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I like your blog carfour!