Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Divorce Hotel

On these pages I write of the post-divorce experience.  I’ve written about post-divorce gifts and celebrations.  But this pre-divorce experience simply takes the cake (which I’ve also written about) so to speak.  You’ve gotta have some dough to be able to check into the divorce hotel.
It’s just what it sounds like.  Check in married.  Check out divorced.  And as Tom Miller was shrewd enough to note, you get some hot hotel sex in between.  If you play your cards right, perhaps your favorite room service treats as well.
Does this cheapen and undermine the sanctity of marriage?  I would posit that anything that makes the divorce process easier is a good thing.  It won’t make it any easier to decide to divorce.  People won’t be saying, Oh, let’s get a divorce so we can go to the divorce hotel, will they? It might just ease a little of the stress around the nuts and bolts of the thing.
Really, I just posted this hoping my unsuspecting readers would get a little chuckle.  Anything that creates humor post-divorce is definitely a good thing.