Friday, January 28, 2011

Post-Divorce Zen

I read about a Zen teacher who came to a town during a drought and was asked to bring rain. Instead of asking for rain, he moved into a house and tended his garden. After a time, it rained. The master’s explanation was that he tended the garden to deal with an imbalance in himself. As he gardened, his internal harmony increased. As for the rain, who can say?

The learning I take from this is simple. Tending to things in the body, mind and our relationships helps us move on and be ourselves. It’s the same with so many difficulties. Trying to get rid of painful emotions and memories simply doesn’t work very well. I like the combination of acceptance and being you find in mindfulness.

We can’t change the past and we can’t directly stop the pain. But we can heal and we can do positive things. It’s this moving forward that leads us to our new lives. And before you know it, it’s raining.

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  1. The wisdom of Zen will heal your soul after a stormy divorce. During the divorce, you need a good lawyer! :)