Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Divorce Won’t Kill You But it Will Make You Stronger

I’m not sure how I decided that whatever does not kill you makes you stronger would be a life coach blog, instead of a post-divorce blog. What was I thinking? Of course divorce is the very thing that will make you stronger.

How will it make you stronger, let me count the ways.

1. You will figure out what you need to move on. Unless you wallow. No wallowing allowed except for a short while. Do things that make you happy.

2. You will realize that you can live without a partner. Unless you’re compelled to jump right into another relationship. There’s no right answer to this, but be smart. Think before you leap.

3. You will find that you can do things (get the wasp nest out of the mailbox, get the bat out of the garage, change the light bulb that’s impossibly high up at the top of the stairs, leap tall buildings in a single bound) that you never thought possible. Unless you stop yourself. Go ahead, get the broom and go after those suckers.

4. You’ll see others having the experiences you thought were unique to you. Unless you have to have the most painful divorce. Stop right there and recognize that you’re part of a community and it’s a good thing.

5. You’ll notice strengths you forgot you had. Unless you say I can’t a lot. Figure out what strengths have been dormant and use them to succeed.

6. You will recognize that you can survive this ordeal. Unless you get stuck. It’s imperative that you take whatever action is needed to get unstuck. Try coaching, therapy or a divorce group.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Divorce will make you into a veritable superman/woman if you allow yourself to reach your potential.

Sunshine came softly through my window today
Could’ve tripped out easy a-but I a-changed my ways
Sunshine Superman, Donovan

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