Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do Something New Post-Divorce

What better time to try to master something new than post-divorce?  According to Thomas Delong, a Harvard Business School Professor, if we’re not moving forward, we’re regressing.  The only way that individuals change is to do something new, which by definition means you’ll do it poorly…  Delong believes people can change at any age.

Yippee!  We get to do a lot of new things post-divorce.  We can buy our first car, remove the wasp nest from the mailbox, help the kids with homework while cooking dinner and cleaning up the dog’s mess, and hire someone to repair the flooding basement, all on our own.

What does Delong mean by do it poorly?  I think it’s just an admonition that we’re not going to be great at things that we’ve not done before.  So we may not be great at figuring out the post-divorce issues.  But that doesn’t mean we cannot achieve mastery.

What does he mean by at any age?  Pretty simple, huh?  No matter what your age, you can do this, you can make it work, you can make something happen.  In other words, you can master something new.

There are many ways to master post-divorce issues.  Do something new like:

*eating alone in a restaurant
*going to a movie alone
*taking a vacation alone
*getting along better with your ex-spouse
*spending a weekend with the kids alone
*mastering [your personal post-divorce challenge here]

You can also achieve mastery post-divorce on run-of-the-mill life issues by trying new things like learning something new, setting a new intention or developing your creativity.  These all help you feel more competent, confident and happy.

What’s your particular challenge? Try something new to meet that challenge today.

Music to master-the-new by: I’m Movin’ On, Rascal Flatts

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