Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How To Deal With Older Children's Bad Decisions (Without Pushing Them Away)

As a divorced mom, I know some of the particular challenges of coping with your children faced by the single-parent.

Here's my latest on some issues we all have to deal with.

Slim, pretty, equipped with her Prada bag, my son's girlfriend was in my home for a grand total of twenty-four hours. Shortly before the day ended, she informed my son she did not feel "comfortable" in my house...

I was terrified by recent research suggesting mothers are more likely to be estranged from their children than fathers and that it is more common than you think. One in 10 families studied had an estranged child. Another study concluded that feeling like a parent is constantly about to reject you for your choices creates enough emotional turmoil to threaten the relationship.

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