Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Do You Apologize Too Much? What You Need to Know About Saying Sorry

One of the things we tend to be really good at post-divorce, is feeling shame and guilt, even if we're clear we did nothing wrong. It just goes with the territory.

So this post about apologizing could come in handy.

It starts like this:

The evening I realized I said “sorry” to my cat for pushing her aside so I could share the chair with her, I knew I needed to start looking into the subject of apologizing.

I’m sorry to say that when I began my research, I thought I was writing a piece about why women should stop apologizing so much. Turns out, it’s complicated.

While there is some research to support the common view that women apologize more than men, it’s not overwhelming. That said, we all know someone who over-apologizes; typically, that person is female.

To decide whether you fall in the over-apologizing group, you must know that apologies are more complex than a simple, “I’m sorry.”

Apologies fall in several categories...

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