Saturday, July 20, 2013

Guest Post: Divorce Trends…Fact vs Fiction

When you get married, very few people are even considering the possibility of divorce. Even so, nearly 45% of the marriages in the United States will end in divorce—that’s a little less than half. Why is divorce so common and how can you minimize your risks of getting divorced yourself?

The most important thing to consider when you hear divorce statistics is that not everybody has their facts straight. Many people are simply repeating hearsay they got from their friends, and the information is actually years out of date or entirely fabricated. That’s why we did some research of our own, and found out the down low on divorce from reputable sources.

As it turns out, divorce isn’t on the rise, like many people claim. Divorce rates have been falling in the US since 1981. But it isn’t because people are getting divorced less often. The far more likely explanation is that fewer people are getting married at all, and instead opting to co-habit without tying the knot. There is, however, one demographic in the United States for whom the divorce rate is going up, but it’s not young people who made a mistake—it’s the 50-65 year of demographic, many of whom have waited until their children are out of the house to get their divorce. Divorce after 50 is more common than you think!

There are many other statistics on divorce that may surprise you. We compiled the six biggest trends on divorce, to help you tell fact from fiction. Maybe it will even help you avoid divorce in your future. Read more here…


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