Sunday, November 25, 2012

Virtual Group: Move into Post-Divorce Life…Enjoy the Journey

It's holiday time. Negotiating the challenges of post-divorce life is a unique and personal experience.  If you need a little support and a little push after your break-up, this group is for you!  My virtual group travels the common, and uncommon, roads that we encounter post-divorce. Virtual groups are conducted by phone. You can be anywhere.

This 4-session virtual group will help you address the challenges of moving on from a long-term relationship by:

* Establishing a positive post-divorce mindset
* Using personal strengths to move forward
* Learning to enjoy the journey by working toward new goals
Using the tools of coaching, the group will help you discover strategies to effectively negotiate new terrain in your unique journey.
My holiday gift, your first call is free!
Contact me for more information.
Read about post-divorce adjustment here:
Music for the post-divorce journey: I Look So Good Without You, Jessie James

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