Monday, April 11, 2011

Surf’s Up Post-Divorce

Bethany Hamilton lost her arm to a shark in 2003 while surfing.  She had planned for a career surfing, and she did not let it stop her.  It’s hard to imagine that she was surfing within a month, while so many of us spend many months or years bemoaning the various trials with which we are faced post-divorce.  It’s sobering, yet inspiring.  Perhaps learning to surf is in your future.

How can you be a post-divorce survivor and live your dreams? 

*Retain your focus and purpose
*Use your social network for support
*Dig deep and tap into your drive to succeed
*Hang out with people that make you laugh
*Keep moving…exercise and be active
*Learn something new every day (surfin?)

"It's exciting just to see how life works out," she says, "and how good can come out of bad situations."  Bethany Hamilton (listen to her inspiring interview)
Surfin’ USA, The Beach Boys

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