Sunday, June 29, 2014

7 Steps To Reduce Insomnia

If you're like me, one of the things that gets short shrift post-divorce is sleep. And I can tell you it wasn't healthy. Here's my recent YourTango post about getting more sleep.

I was fascinated by the NY Times' two recent articles on sleep. One is about how to get more of it so you'll be more beautiful, featuring spas, sleep products and a barely perceptible nod to useful skills like meditation and relaxation. The companion piece is about makeup to hide the ravages of sleeplessness. Really?

Sleep deprivation causes irritability, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, weight gain, medical problems, cognitive deficits, impaired work performance, car crashes and a host of other ills beyond the toll it takes on physical beauty. Makeup is not going to solve these problems.

Clouding the issue by suggesting a cosmetic fix, spa products or pills, ignores the fact that sleep problems are often easily remedied without medication or costly solutions.

Since it's summer, why not send yourself to sleep camp? In sleep camp you have daily activities, just like volleyball and swimming in summer camp. If you despised summer camp you can think of it more like soccer or tennis camp where you're trying to improve a skill set and you know it's going to take dedication, practice, tweaking and repetition.

Here's how sleep camp works: 

1. Start a sleep journal. 

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  1. My sister is about to go through a divorce. This has been a delayed thing that I think everyone knew would come one day. I have been making sure to call her regularly because I want to make sure she is okay. She has been having a hard time sleeping so this article is really helpful. I think a sleep camp would be great for her.