Saturday, January 7, 2012

You Might Prefer Singledom Post-Divorce, If…

In the new year, I like to come up with some pithy post-divorce tip.  Last year I talked about secret destinations post-divorce.  Perhaps your secret destination is that you enjoy being single.  You might prefer being single post-divorce, if you…

*enjoy your alone time.  A lot.

*aren’t all that interested in finding a new partner.

* prefer making your own decisions and handling your own problems.

*enjoy going places on your own.

*don’t mind sleeping alone most of the time.

*like to indulge in your favorite vice alone.

*like to pursue your goals solo.

*don’t have to share your latest fiasco with that special someone.

Or so says Bella DePaulo in Are You Single at Heart? in the Jan/Feb 2012 Psychology Today.  If you agree with a lot of these statements, you might be perfectly happy on your own.  It’s just a thought.

There are many breakup songs and albums.  The closest I could come to a positive break up song:  Smile, Lily Allen.

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